Why Eaglestone?

As a portfolio of best-in-class MEP/FP companies, Eaglestone Holdings provides a variety of shared services to its affiliated companies, including operational guidance and help connecting to financing opportunities that each member needs to become an industry leader, grow faster, and expand farther than they otherwise could on their own.

Why Eaglestone?

Financial Backing and Support

Eaglestone Holdings brings strong financial support and backing to each of its affiliated companies so that you can operate with the backing of a much larger company behind you.


Extensive Team

The Eaglestone network of companies represents the largest group of self-performing MEP/FP contractors in the tri-state area.


Commitment to Technology

Eaglestone Services integrates the most innovative, back-office technology and business intelligence systems for more efficient, profitable operations.


Integrity and Trust

The Eaglestone network of companies demonstrate the highest level of integrity and transparency throughout the job cycle that fosters trust.


Expert Opperational Guidance

Eaglestone Holdings, through its Board of Directors, offers operational guidance to all of its affiliated companies to ensure that each member remains on the cutting edge of innovation, customer service, and quality control throughout the entire development process.

If you want to take your company to the next level with a partner who can give you the foundation to grow very quickly - access to capital, access to technology, access to business intelligence - Eaglestone is without question the company you want to talk to.”

Chief Operating Officer
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